A lot of charity shops need help making repairs to kitchens or bathrooms.


It usually involves activities such as: working in an aged care facility, planting a garden or volunteering at a kids' soccer club.

The first reason is that some people want to give back to the community. They want to contribute something back for all that they have had in their life. People can do voluntary work because they like giving their time and energy to good causes or people less fortunate than themselves. Other people will do voluntary work because it is a way to donate money and help the cause of helping people. Doing this type of voluntary work can be called fund raising. Voluntary work is a type of charity that relies on the goodwill and free time of people. For example, if you want to be a doctor and you are doing voluntary work in a hospital or an old age home, you will learn more about what it is like to work with patients and other doctors.


To network

Voluntary work is a way for people to learn more about themselves. You can use this experience to help you decide whether this is the type of career that you would like to have one day. Another reason why people do voluntary work is because they want to be part of a team and be part of something bigger than themselves. This includes being on the same team as other volunteers or feeling like they belong in their local community. Voluntary work is a good way to meet other people who are working towards the same goals. It can also be a way of networking and finding out more about different jobs or career options.

gain experience

A lot of voluntary work involves dealing with different situations, including difficult ones. People can use these experiences to learn how to deal with things when they have difficult situations in their own lives such as having an argument with their friends or family. Voluntary work is a good way to learn new skills that you may be able to use in the future, particularly if you have not finished school or college. Giving back is one of the main reasons why people do voluntary work. For example, when people pay taxes, they are helping to pay for things like schools, hospitals and aged care facilities. 


learn new skills



Voluntary work is a good way to find out what you love doing and what you do not like doing. It will help you develop your passions and your interests.


career interests

Another reason why people do voluntary work is because it gives them an idea of what they would like to do in the future. When they are volunteering, they can see if this type of work or career interests them or not.



Voluntary work is a good thing for people to do, particularly when they are young. It lets them contribute to the community and help out other people. It is good to know that they can help support these things by giving their free time as a volunteer at a place like an old age home.