A lot of charity shops need help making repairs to kitchens or bathrooms.

Places to do

Sometimes this can be for a short period of time, but sometimes it might be for long periods of time.

Voluntary work is a great way to improve yourself and develop new skills. A lot of people that volunteer have said that it has given them the opportunity to do work for the community which helps other people, and also allows them to decide their own schedule which means they can fit it around other commitments that they may have. Many people nowadays are involved in voluntary work. Volunteering is a great way to help other people and also yourself at the same time. There has been a lot of research done on this subject. 


Youth work

It can also be used as a way of finding out more about the community you live in and how it functions. Also by helping out, you get to know more about different groups within society and their needs. The group that someone might be involved with could be any sort of group; an ethnic group, older people, young people or even homeless people etc. This is when a young person works with other young people, either in groups or individually. The work that young people do helps them to develop skills that they may not have already learned at school. This type of volunteering is good for those who are maybe thinking of going into social work or any sort of caring profession. 

Mental health support

This type of volunteering involves working with people who have mental health issues e.g schizophrenia, depression etc… The workers are there to help the mentally ill person, by listening to them and offering support. They may be asked to go out and do some simple tasks for them, but what is important is that they are there for the person that they are helping, and willing to listen or offer advice if required. This type of volunteering really benefits people who have mental health problems it gives the opportunity for them to talk things through with someone who understands their problems. It also allows people who don’t have a mental illness to understand how it feels, therefore it helps people gain more knowledge about mental health issues which then makes society a better place for everyone.


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They learn how to give constructive advice and support, learn about things like discipline, communication and team building which are important for those careers. Youth workers can also gain qualifications along the way to make it easier for them to continue with their chosen career. These exercises have been proven to help people who suffer from stress related illnesses, but they can also help normal people to be more relaxed, through learning ways to relax their bodies and minds.


Mindfulness volunteering

Mindfulness is a great way to help yourself and other people. Exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation are used in mindfulness. The exercises are really good for your mental health, as it teaches you how to be aware of how you are feeling in the present moment and also teaches you about calming techniques and breathing techniques.



Volunteering is a great way to help other people and improve your mind and feelings at the same time. It allows you to be more relaxed and concentrate more on the things that matter to you. This can be done in a lot of different ways, such as helping young people in mental health, helping homeless people or even volunteering at an old peoples home. The exercises that help people with mental health illnesses are also very useful in helping normal people to be more relaxed.