A lot of charity shops need help making repairs to kitchens or bathrooms.

Voluntary work

However, there is another type of work that you don't often think about - "voluntary work in UK".

Many people believe that the only way to help other people is through political action, by campaigning, petitioning and getting involved with groups and organisations. Whilst this is a valuable way to help, it can be hard for many of us to find the time or energy. You might feel too busy juggling your own life with family or work commitments. Working with charities on voluntary projects could be a great alternative for you to help make the world a better place. There are lots of different types of voluntary work that you can do, from addressing difficult subjects at school to helping the elderly with their household tasks. Charity Worker visa Details.



– if you like DIY and helping people, then there is a volunteer job for you too. You could help renovate houses for families who need new furniture or a place without mould and damp. Checkout more about dugnad sokker here. If you are a skilled builder and have time, offer your services to build new facilities for homeless people. – If you want to help, but don’t know how, you could offer to mop a floor or scrub the toilet. There are plenty of very dirty items in UK that need cleaning! You might not have heard of this before – for example because it is not official or doesn’t have a catchy title.


– You could help out with local supermarket deliveries as they can be hard work to do on your own! – If you have time to travel, you could visit people in their own homes who live alone. You could help by spending time with them and listening to what they have to say. – If you like visiting people, then why not visit more seriously ill patients in hospital? – Checkout more about dugnad kort here. As a volunteer, you would look after children whilst their parents go out for the evening or at weekends – If you know how to knit or sew, then maybe a charity shop could use your skills? Or if there are enough volunteers in your area, you could all get together and make sleeping bags for homeless people. Click here to know more about tennbriketter dugnad.




charity shops

- A lot of charity shops need help making repairs to kitchens or bathrooms. You could build new cabinets and even fit them for the disabled or elderly. - If you play an instrument, then maybe you could offer to play it in town or at a hospital? - If you want to do good, but don't like the homeless, this could be a great way to help.


Supported living

- Are there any houses that need cleaning in your local neighbourhood? Gather a group of friends and go around to each house offering your services. - Maybe you know someone with learning difficulties who would like some support going out? Maybe you could take them out shopping, or even on holidays if they enjoy travelling too?


Feeding the homeless

- If you are a keen cyclist or walker, why not thinking about getting together groups of volunteers and taking a dog for a walk? You could go around with loose change and buy homeless people food and drink whilst telling them about what your church or local charity is doing in the local community. There are lots of different ways you could help other people in your community. Choose one type of volunteering that you like and go for it!